Hi, I am Swathy Nandhini, born and brought up in Dharmapuri, a district in Tamil Nadu. I worked as Professor and have to give up my job after marriage as me and Bharath (my husband) moved to Gujarat. As like many woman, I never helped my mom in kitchen and started cooking only after my marriage. My first day experience in kitchen is unforgettable, where I am left all alone to experiment. I started surfing, taking notes and finally prepared my first lunch (Rice, Bitter gourd puli kulambu and carrot poriyal). I was eagerly expecting Bharath for lunch. After eating he asked me if it was really me who cooked 🙂 🙂 .

        I became over enthusiastic and started cooking new recipes for him. After one week, I was so restless as Bharath told me his colleagues are coming home for Vinayakar Chathurthi and I was left with only two hours time. I prepared sweet kolukattai, carrot halwa, payasam,coconut ladoos. All turned out to be big hit (hurrah!!!), which gave me extra interest. Day by day I enjoyed and loved cooking, and it became my passion. (obviously, the subject we secure 100% becomes our favorite, right??? 😉 )

          I  wanted to start a blog inspired by my fellow bloggers and also to keep record of recipes that I try as it would help me next time. The blog is named after my baby doll Shravanthi. She is one, who transformed me into a multitasking and overactive person. This is me and Shravanthi. 


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  1. Interesting mam 🙂 🙂 this kind of recipe will help for us. who will live far away from home especially for bachelors ,you are one of the good lecturer among all when i was in college but now #COOKING# Ippayum udamatingala ……………………………………

    just kidding man go ahead all the very best and congratulations.

    thanks a lot mam 🙂 🙂

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