Breast milk is the best food for babies and exclusive breastfeeding is recommended for babies upto 6 months of age. The solids can be introduced after consulting doctor. The solid foods are to be given following 3 days wait rule to check for allergy symptoms. Initially start with small amount and can be gradually increased. The solids should not take the place of milk as the main source of nutrients. Mother milk or formula milk has to continued along with the solids.

Here is the food chart for babies from 6 to 12 months that can be used for reference.


How much to feed a baby?

The quantity can’t be mentioned as it differs from baby to baby according to their appetite.

How many meals a day? 

  • Six months – one meal
  • Seven months – one meal and one snack
  • Eight months – two meals and optional snack (snack can be finger foods)
  • Nine months – two meals and a snack
  • Ten months – three meals and optional snack
  • Eleven months – three meals and a snack
  • Twelve months – three meals and a snack

What foods to avoid?

  • Sugar, Salt, cow’s milk and honey has to avoided for babies below one year.
  • Chilli and over spicy foods has to avoided for babies.

What are the signs to continue food? 

  • Leaning in for the spoon
  • Opening the mouth
  • Grabbing food and trying to put in mouth

What are the signs that baby may be full? 

  • Closing the mouth as spoon comes closer
  • Spitting out the food
  • Turning the head away as you feed

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