bread halwa

Bread halwa recipe with step-wise pictures. Bread halwa is a Indian sweet that is prepared with bread, ghee, milk and sugar. Bread halwa is one recipe that I wanted to try for a long time. I haven’t tasted it before and surprised by the taste after preparing it. It is very delicious and yes, don’t judge by its look. The color of the halwa varies from light brown to deep brown depending upon the frying time.

bread halwa

Total time required : 30 minutes

No. Of serving : 6-7


  • Bread slices – 6
  • Ghee – 5 tbsp
  • Sugar – 6 tbsp
  • Milk – 2 cups
  • Cardamom – 2
  • Cashews – 6
  • Raisins – 6


1. Heat a kadai with 3 tbsp of ghee. Add Cashews and raisins to it. Fry until golden and remove from ghee. Keep aside.

2. Tear the bread into small pieces and add to the ghee in kadai. Roast it in low flame until it becomes crispy. If you want the halwa to be in darker color, then roast it until golden.

3. Pour the milk to the bread and stir well. Cook in low flame by mashing the pieces with ladle.

4. Once it becomes slightly thick, add sugar and stir well. It will loosen again as sugar melts.

5. Add the remaining ghee and cook until it comes together.

6. Finally add the fried cashews and raisins to the halwa and mix.

7. Transfer to serving bowl and serve it warm.

bread halwa

8. The delicious bread halwa is ready.

bread halwa


  • I have used less ghee so the halwa is little sticky but tastes delicious. So if you want the halwa to be smooth add 1/2 cup of ghee.
  • Any variety of bread can be used for preparing this halwa.

bread halwa


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