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French palmiers / little hearts

French palmiers recipe with step-wise pictures. French palmiers is a cute, little heart shaped caramelized and flaky pastry. It is century old French recipe prepared with just two ingredients. This is also called as elephant ears cookies. I had a pack of store bought puff pastry and wanted to finish it soon. I remembered this recipes that I have bookmarked long back from here. I tried it immediately for evening snack and it is super delicious. It is flaky with many layers coated with caramelized sugar all over. I have used natural coconut sugar and you can use white sugar also. Homemade pasty sheets can also be used but I’m not sure of the flaky layers. The perfectly crisp, sweet and crunchy palmiers made with lots of love will make everyone’s heart and tummy happy. So spread your love preparing this cute little hearts for your loved ones. Can you see those little plates that are offered by shravanthi from her toy kitchen set. ??

French palmiers / little hearts

UPDATE: I am sending this recipe for kid’s delight – mini bakes event by Gayathri kumar. You can find lots of interesting eggless baking goodies recipes in her blog gayathriscookspot. Also, have a look at kid’s delight –  wholesome breakfast event organised by Srivalli of Spice your life blog.

Baking time : 20 minutes

No. of serving : 25 mini cookies

Recipe inspiration : cookwithkushi


  • Puff pastry sheets – 1 pack (store bought / homemade)
  • Sugar – 1 cup


1. Thaw the pastry sheets as given in the pack. If frozen then refrigerate it overnight and keep it in room temperature. Once the pastry is pliable start with the process. 

2. Put some sugars on flat surface such as wooden board. Keep the pastry sheet on top of sugar and dust some sugar on top and spread evenly.

img_5955 img_5956 img_5957

3. Roll the sheet flat gently using a rolling pin so that sugar is pressed  into the pastry on top and bottom.

4. Fold the both the sides of the sheet towards the center so the folds meet exactly at the middle of sheet.

img_5958 img_5960 img_5961

5. Again fold one half over the other like closing a book. It will look like a log, then slice into small pieces of about 1 inch wide.

6. Arrange it on parchment lined baking sheet and sprinkle some sugar on top if desired. It will puff up a lot so make sure they are few inches apart.

7. Refrigerate until preheating the oven to 180°C. Then bake for 18 to 20 minutes until it turns brown.

img_5962 img_5963 img_5964

8. Let it cool completely and it will become crispier once cooled.

French palmiers / little hearts


  • Sugar palmiers are traditional recipe. You can also fill with cinnamon sugar, nutella or jam inside the pastry sheets.
  • Store in airtight container and it remains good for few days. It loose its crispiness as days passes.

French palmiers / little hearts

The cookies looked adorable that I couldn’t stop clicking the pictures.

French palmiers / little hearts


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