Garlic murukku is my favorite and I always get a pack in store while coming home. This Sunday I thought of trying the garlic murukku at home and searched for the recipe. Found this recipe here but all the recipes are with rice flour and besan.

So I wanted to slightly modify it adding red rice flour. To my surprise it turned out too good and tasty. The murukku is crispy, soft an flavorful. The flavor of garlic in murukku is extremely delicious and aromatic.

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Poondu sigappu arisi murukku / garlic red rice murukku

I have uploaded the video for this poondu sigappu arisi murukku below.

Total time required : 45 minutes

No. Of serving : 3-4


  • Besan flour – 1 cup
  • Red rice flour – 1 cup
  • Rice flour (white) – 1/2 cup
  • Butter – 2 tsp
  • Hot oil – 2 tsp
  • Salt – 1/2 tsp
  • Garlic – 7 Cloves
  • Red chilli – 5
  • Oil – for frying


1. Take garlic pods and red chilli in a blender, add little water and grind into smooth paste. Keep aside.

2. Sieve all the flours. Take besan, red rice flour and rice flour in a mixing bowl. Add butter to it and mix well with hands.


3. Heat oil in a small pan and add it to the flour in bowl. Add the grounded garlic paste and salt.

4. Mix everything well using hands. Add little water if needed and knead into smooth dough.


5. Take a star mould or any mould of your choice and keep it in murukku press.

6. Take small portion out of dough, put into murukku press and squeeze to make thin strips or circles.


7. Keep the remaining dough covered with wet cloth as it tends to become dry.

8. Heat oil in a pan and check the temperature by dropping a small piece. It has to bubble and rise immediately. This is the correct temperature.


9. Drop the murukku strips into oil and cook until it turns golden and bubble ceases. The oil will bubble as you drop murukku and will cease as murukku gets cooked.

10. Drain the murukku in kitchen tissues and store it in airtight container once cooled.

11. The spicy crispy garlic murukku is ready.


  • You can also add cumin seeds and sesame seeds to the murukku for added flavors.
  • You can also squeeze the murukku directly into oil.

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