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gulkand ice cream / rose petal ice cream

Gulkand ice cream with step-wise pictures. Gulkand is a rose petal jam that is well known for its cooling property and widely used in India during summer. I like gulkand very much and eat  a tsp almost daily in summer to beat the heat. I wanted to try many recipes that uses gulkand and here is an ice cream recipe with it. The ice cream is rich, creamy and heavenly. The best part is it requires only few ingredients and can be made without a ice cream maker. Do try it at home and give your feedback.

gulkand ice cream / rose petal ice cream

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gulkand ice cream / rose petal ice cream

Total time required : 8 hours

No. Of serving : 6


  • Milk – 2 cups (boiled &  cooled)
  • Gulkand – 2 tbsp
  • Full fat cream – 200 ml
  • Sugar – 1/4 cup
  • Rose syrup – 2 tsp
  • Rose water – 1 tsp


1. Take the chill cream in a bowl and whisk it well using a hand whisker or electric beater until it forms peaks.

2. Add cooled milk, sugar and gulkand to the cream. Whisk well until sugar dissolves.

3. Add rose syrup and rose water to it. Mix well and transfer to freezer safe box.

4. Keep it in freezer covered for 3 hours until it becomes firm.

5. Then scoop and add the ice cream into blender and blend for a minute until creamy.

6. Now pour into freezer safe box again and freeze until firm. Repeat the process 2-3 times to avoid ice formation.

7. Finally before placing it in freezer, add chopped nuts on top if you want. Freeze for 3-4 hours.

gulkand ice cream / rose petal ice cream

8. Gulkand ice cream is ready.

gulkand ice cream / rose petal ice cream

Serve and enjoy the scoop of ice cream with some gulkand and drizzled rose syrup.

gulkand ice cream / rose petal ice cream

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