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gulkand sweet samosa / gulkand recipe

Gulkand sweet samosa recipe with step-wise pictures. Sweet Samosa is one of the recipes that I wanted to do for a long time. A week before, I saw frozen samosa sheets in a store and bought that immediately. But totally forgot and kept it in freezer. Only yesterday remembered about that sheets and prepared a quick gulkand samosa in the evening. It is crispy outside and juicy inside with gulkand melting and coating the samosa. First I thought of preparing sugar syrup for dunking the samosa but then felt that the gulkand melts and coats the samosa and also the sweetness is perfect with it. I have got samosa sheets so had separate thin strips. If you want to prepare with spring roll pastry then cut the sheets into long strips. I have also added method for doing samosa with wheat flour at home, if you couldn’t find pastry sheets. I have already prepared Makmal poori with wheat flour in the same process so added those pictures and only the method of folding differs. So prepare the dough and then cut into strips and proceed with the remaining steps. There will be little difference in taste and texture compared to the samosa with pastry sheets as it will be thin and crispy. Do try it for diwali and enjoy this delightful samosa.

gulkand sweet samosa / gulkand recipe

Total time required: 25 minutes

No. Of serving : 10


  • Pastry sheets – 10 strips
  • Gulkand – 1 tbsp for each samosa
  • Oil – for deep frying
  • Rice flour – 3 tsp


1. For making homemade dough, mix 1 cup of wheat flour, a tsp of oil and little salt adding required water little by little. Knead into smooth dough and keep covered for 30 minutes. 

2. Take small ball out of dough and roll into thin circles. Roll into as thin as possible and trim the edges to get a square.

Screenshot_20160811-100047 Screenshot_20160811-100108 Screenshot_20160811-100309

3. Cut into thin long strips using knife or pizza cutter. Then proceed from step 6.

4. If using frozen sheets, keep the pastry sheets in room temperature for about 15 minutes before preparing. Seperate the thin strips and keep aside.

5. If using spring roll sheets then thaw and cut into thin long strips.

6. Take rice flour in a cup, add little water and make into paste. Take a strip of sheet, place it in flat surface and spoon a tsp of gulkand on one edge of the sheet.

img_2634 img_2627 img_2629

7. Fold it towards side and then fold down. Proceed folding towards side and down until the end of sheet. Towards the end apply little rice flour paste for sticking and close the samosa. The folding is shown in pictures.

img_2630 img_2631 img_2632

8. Heat oil in a pan and check by dropping small piece, it has to rise immediately to top. Then drop samosa one by one and fry in medium flame until it turns golden brown on all sides. The gulkand melts and oozes out so do not over-fry and only the outer portion needs to be cooked.

img_2110 img_2633 img_2636

9. Drain excess oil in kitchen tissues and serve warm.

gulkand sweet samosa / gulkand recipe


  • Any type of filling of your choice can be used. Like onion stuffing, potato stuffing can be placed to make savory samosas.
  • This post is to show how to handle frozen pasty sheets for beginners.

gulkand sweet samosa / gulkand recipe

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