Homemade fresh cream is the one that I rarely make at home. I wanted to try homemade cream for my dishes, which requires fresh cream so I thought of making it from the malai that I collect daily from milk for preparing ghee. I have made only a small quantity that I needed. This can be prepared in required quantity and refrigerated. This cream can be used for making gravies but not advisable for desserts.



  • Milk


1.Boil milk and cool down. Keep it in fridge for few hours till the malai forms a layer at top.

2.Collect the malai using a strainer and store in a clean vessel.

3.Place the vessel in fridge and let it refrigerate for a day. (For instant little quantity of cream, whisk the malai well and cream will be ready)

4.When the vessel is full, transfer it to a blender and give a spin.

5.The fresh cream is ready for use.

So start collecting malai daily after you boil milk to make fresh cream, butter or ghee.

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