Homemade ghee is the favourite ingredient that we always have at home. I use to make dal rice for my baby adding ghee. Once you prepare this desi ghee which is healthy, aromatic and tasty, you will never go for store bought ghee. Ghee is always recommended for babies and can be given to them after 6 months. I have shared the pics that I have taken to sent my friend before blogging. Sorry for the poor pictures.



1. Collect the milk cream daily morning when boiling milk for about two weeks.

2.When there is enough quantity of cream, heat a heavy bottomed pan and put the cream into it.

3.Keep the flame in medium and let it bubble and the fresh ghee ooze out.

4.When the color of top layer bubble turns light brown add curry leaves.

5.Adding curry leaves will enhance the aroma of ghee. Leave it for a minute and switch off the flame.

6.Filter the pure ghee and store in airtight container after it cools down.

7.After sometime the ghee turns into golden texture.