I am honored and privileged to host #116 MY LEGUME LOVE AFFAIR EVENT for the month of February. Thank you to my friend Lisa Turner for the opportunity and I loved each and every recipe submitted for the event. So quickly let’s have a look at all the wonderful recipes.

Emily walsh from Cookingforkishore shared STRAWBERRY WHITE BEAN BLONDIES. Blondies are my favourite and her recipe with white Cannellini beans, white chocolate, and strawberries are amazing and delightful. A perfect treat for valentines day celebration.

Shaheen from allotment2kitchen shared RED PEPPER HEARTS AND BUTTER BEANS. The recipe with red pepper hearts and butter beans looks too tempting and I love the combination. It is loaded with goodness and again a perfect valentines day dish.

Our main host Lisa Turner from foodandspice shared CHICKPEAS WITH MIXED VEGETABLES AND BERBERE SAUCE. A spicy dish with chickpeas and mixed vegetables cooked in homemade berbere sauce makes a delicious side dish and too tempting.

And finally my recipe for the event is a traditional Indian festival sweet AVAREKALU PAYASAM / FIELD BEANS KHEER. The payasam is delightful with the flavors of field beans, coconut and poppy seeds. It is delicious, healthy and can be prepared for any festival.

avarekalu payasa / avarakottai payasam / payasam recipe

Thank you each and every one of you for your kind response and our My legume love affair event for the month of March will be hosted by Amrita of Motions and Emotions. Stay tuned for details.

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