Al majaz waterfront is such a beautiful lake front garden located near to our home. This weekend we went there in midnight after our shopping and had fun. Though it was around 12, we could see many people going for walking, enjoying lake view, having late night dinner along with family, children playing, men playing cards and women talking to each other. The place has got a garden, mosque, play areas, fountains, theme parks, restaurants and jogging track. You can also enjoy boat rides in corniche area.


It is surrounded by tall buildings and starts with a bridge in one side and ends with a mosque on other side.I usually go for walking in this waterfront area enjoying the view. There is a cruise restaurant where you can enjoy different cuisines but I haven’t tried here.


It is a special place to spend weekend with families. It also has a gold souq market at the entrance where you can purchase golds. It nearly takes one hour to reach from one end to the other by walk.


We totally enjoyed this weekend in majaz. It was like a dream, spending time outside at midnight in a pleasant cool breeze, walking and capturing the moments.


It really took us one hour to capture the pictures with little fog all around. Also, as people were walking, we couldn’t take this pictures that easily. Do share your valuable feedback and nothing can motivate me than your appreciation.

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