Hi… Today I am excited about the taste of paneer halwa and immediately wanted to share with you all. All these years we us to get milk cake only from shop, and this tastes similar to that. This is so simple to make at home and do try it ..



  • Paneer- 1 cup
  • Sugar-1 cup
  • Water-1 cup
  • Ghee-1 sp
  • Cashews and raisins


  1. Grate the panner in a bowl using a grater.
  2. Prepare sugar syrup with water and sugar. check for string consistency. (when you take a drop in between fingers, it has to form a string)
  3. Soak pinch of saffron in a warm water.
  4. Add the grated panner into the sugar syrup and mix well.
  5. When it comes to halwa consistency add saffron, cashews and raisins frying in ghee.


  • Paneer can be given to babies from 8th month and the sugar can be replaced with palm sugar.