Pongal celebration – As the pongal celebration is going on, I thought sharing our celebration at my native place. I managed to take few pics with my mobile phone so excuse me for the quality. Two days before the pongal, we enjoyed shopping things for pongal. We got some earthen pots in the street that is mainly for making earthen vessels. The place was completely crowded with people and one can get a celebration feel there.

pongal celebration

pongal celebration

pongal celebration

On the day of pongal, we got up at 5’o clock in morning and started preparing pongal in the new pot.  Arranged some strong bricks, placed some wood and paper, lightened fire to create setup like stove and placed the vessel on top. This is the traditional setup we use to cook pongal all these years. The pongal has to be prepared before the sun rises. Once the milk boiles and starts overflowing we say “pongalo pongal” all together. Then the prepared pongal, sugarcane, fresh turmeric are placed in banana leaves and served to Sun, who is the main God for pongal. My baby girl helped me taking care of pongal when I was capturing the pictures.

pongal celebration

Here is some of the pics taken on the day of pongal.

pongal celebration pongal celebration pongal celebration pongal celebration

Next day is maatu pongal, we went to my in laws place and enjoyed. Jallikattu is famous event on maatu pongal but this year it didn’t happen at our place. We really missed watching our traditional event that is followed from 1000 of years.


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