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Saffron agar agar pudding / saffron pannacotta

Saffron agar agar pudding recipe with step-wise pictures. China grass which is also called agar agar is a natural vegetable gelatin counterpart obtained from algae. It is used for making varieties of desserts like custards, pudding and jellies. It also acts as coolant to our body. I have posted making China grass pudding with flavors like vanilla, rose and chocolate before. Now again I have tried a different flavor adding saffron and nuts with agar agar. It tasted yummy and too good. I liked it so much than the other flavors that I prepared previously. China grass is available in two forms, as thin strips or in powdered form. This time I have used powdered agar agar so added directly. If you are using dried strips then boil it in water until dissolves before adding to milk and kindly refer my rose China grass pudding recipe. Also, I am to convey that this is my 250th post on blog. Thank you so much friends for your support and encouragement and only that keeps me going.

Saffron agar agar pudding / saffron pannacotta

Cooking time : 10 minutes

No. Of serving : 4


  • Milk – 3 cups
  • Sugar – 4 tbsp
  • Agar agar – 3 tbsp
  • Badam powder – 1 tsp (optional)
  • Chopped nuts – 4 tbsp (badam, pista)
  • Saffron – 2 pinch

Saffron agar agar pudding / saffron pannacotta


1. Boil milk in a pan and once it comes to boil add sugar, saffron, badam powder and finely chopped nuts to it.

2. Stir well and boil for a minute until Saffron dissolves and the color of milk changes.

img_4334 img_4336 img_4337

3. Add agar agar to milk and keep stirring in medium flame for 2-3 minutes.

4. Remove from flame and pour it into any mould or bowl. Refrigerate for half an hour or until it is set.

img_4343 img_4345 img_4454

5. Serve chilled and enjoy.

Saffron agar agar pudding / saffron pannacotta


  • If you don’t like crunchy nuts in between then powder nuts along with saffron before adding to milk.
  • I didn’t add sugar separately as the pack of china grass powder that I got contained sugar.

Saffron agar agar pudding / saffron pannacotta

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