Hi friends, this is my new space in the blog to share my travel experiences with you all. I am not a travel person and I have not gone anywhere except few places in Tamil Nadu before marriage.  Now it’s been 10 months since I came to Dubai and enjoy each and every day here especially Fridays as Friday is the weekend here. I have been to many places and never thought of writing my experience. My husband suggested me, I can make my blog interesting by sharing my experience on some interesting places that we visit. So I’m trying this new space and do share your feedback and nothing can motivate and make me happy other than your words of appreciate.

This Friday we went to temple here in Dubai, yes we have a very big Hindu temple in one of the big religious tolerant Muslim countries. The temple is located near the water body where the people can go for water ride in a boat from one end to the other around the temple. The temple buildings resembles old Arabian architecture. It has got many small temples inside that building. There is Shivan temple, Vishnu temple and Gurdwara for Sikhs.

Boat ride


There are lot of shops on both sides of the path leading to temple. It is usually very crowded during weekends. There are many handmade shops where you can find beautiful finely painted bowls, plates, lamps, cups and heavy work dresses. There is a little Indian snacks shop where one can enjoy hot samosa, bonda and vadai. This is the best place to enjoy Indian snacks in this area.



The place is always crowded with people and would take nearly one hour to reach the mandi. It was almost 7 when we reached there so could take the pictures only in night light. This is the beautiful hand painted bowl I got there.


Hope you enjoyed reading this and let me know your feedback. Stay tuned for the next place.

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