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Watermelon is a light and refreshing drink for this summer. This drink is sweet, tangy and will quench any thirst. The lemon and mint leaves added gives twist to the drink. We had mint mojito in restaurant and Shravanthi liked it so much but the soda added worried me. I wanted to try similar drink at home and used the watermelon. The drink tasted even more tasty than the one we had at restaurant. Taste the watermelon before preparing and adjust sugar accordingly.


Click here for the video recipe of watermelon lemonade:


  • Watermelon – 1/2 fruit (approx. 4 cups when cut)
  • Sugar – 1/2 cup
  • Mint leaves – 15
  • Lemon – 1 (big size) or 1/4 cup of juice


1. Cut the watermelon into pieces and remove seeds.

2. Put it into blender and add the remaining ingredients.

3. Blend until smooth and strain through fine mesh strainer.

Screenshot_2016-08-03-12-24-19 Screenshot_2016-08-03-12-24-37 Screenshot_2016-08-03-12-24-52

4. Stir, pour into serving glass and add ice cubes.

5. You can also refrigerate for an hour and serve chill.

Screenshot_2016-08-03-12-25-15 Screenshot_2016-08-03-12-25-22 Screenshot_2016-08-03-12-25-54

6. Enjoy this refreshing summer drink.


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