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Red poha flex seeds ladoo is my special recipe for Krishna Janmashtami. This is highly healthy and nutritious. Red poha is very good for diabetes and packed with vitamins A, C,  folic acid and fibres. Flax seeds which is called aali vithai in tamil has lots of health benefits that includes weight loss, helps to relieve constipation, reduces blood pressure and very good for hair and skin. So when the two healthy ingredients combined it becomes wholesome recipe. This ladoos are delicious, melts in mouth and has pleasant distinct flavour. This is ideal evening snack for kids at home. 

I have planned to do red poha ladoo for this Janmashtami and saw a TV programme where they did flax seeds ladoo. So I have combined both and came out with this tasty nutritious recipe. Ghee or milk can be added to make ladoos but the taste and colour differs. I have made using both and hence the colour of ladoo at bottom which is prepared adding milk is darker in colour.


Here is the video recipe of red poha flax seeds ladoo. Click to watch the video and subscribe to my youtube channel for more video recipes.


  • Red poha – 1 cup
  • Flax seeds – 3/4 cup
  • Brown sugar – 1 cup
  • Cardamom – 3
  • Ghee – 1 cup + 1 tsp for roasting
  • Cashews – 5
  • Raisins – 10


1. Heat a tsp of ghee and roast Cashews and raisins until it puffs. Melt the remaining ghee. 

2. Dry roast poha for a minute or hot enough to touch in medium flame without changing color. Keep it aside. 

3. Then dry roast flax seeds in medium flame until nice aroma comes. Transfer both the poha and flax seeds to a blender.

Screenshot_20160823-224321 Screenshot_20160823-224339 Screenshot_20160823-224359

4. Blend everything into a fine or coarse powder as you prefer. I made into fine powder.

5. Then add brown sugar and cardamom to it and give a spin until everything is combined.

6. Take a mixing bowl and add the blended powder into it. Add the Cashews and raisins fried in ghee.

Screenshot_20160823-224415 Screenshot_20160823-224519 Screenshot_20160823-224634

7. Mix everything together and pour ghee little by little to make small ladoos. This can be stored in airtight container and stays good for a week.



  • The ladoo can also be prepared by pouring warm milk but the shelf life is one day.
  • Roasted gram can also be powdered and added while making balls.
  • White poha can also be used for making this ladoo but the colour may vary.


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